Registration at NetCredit

NT Credit gives a free payday of up to PLN 3,000 to 30 days, with the first loan. NT Credit offers up to PLN 5,000 for regular customers! The company is currently providing the highest free loan on the market! CL Finance has prepared a movie for you, showing how simple it is to register […]

Changes have taken place in home loans these days

The debt brake rules, which take effect on October 1, have been in place since the first day of the month. Mortgage loan applications accepted since then are already subject to selective tightening rules! Our good news is that the rise in notary fees has been postponed to January 2019! On September 28, the Hungarian […]

How expensive are home loans in our country?

Across Europe, the population has been able to obtain cheaper mortgages due to the low interest rate environment. There are big differences in the distribution between countries, because while in Hungary the mortgage interest rate is above 4%, in many EU countries it has remained at 2% or even slipped. In difficult times there is […]

How to compare mortgage costs

The mortgages differ from each other in the parameter taken as a reference: for the variable in general one takes the 1-month Euribor or the 3-month Euribor for mortgages that have a monthly or 6-month maturity for mortgages that they have a six-month maturity. For fixed assets, the Irs is taken as a reference at […]

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